The vision of a healthy diet may differ greatly depending on certain point of views. 

As a dental hygienist, I ensure that the patient has a good diet. I take notice when the patient is diabetic or has a family history of type 2 diabetes. 

It is during the periodontal examination that I speak about diet and when I observe that there is a deficiency in that area, I refer to a certified health professional in that field.

Here are a few points to consider in nutrition in order to guide the patients depending on their disease.

The objective: to increase energy

  • To choose healthy, effective and high nutritional value food
  • To go towards healthy alkaline food 
  • To choose organic food
  • To include fibers 
  • To reduce refined sugar 
  • To drink water 
  • To exercise on a daily basis 
  • To lean towards reducing our stress  
  • To develop healthy habits progressively 

In conclusion, when a patient presents with diabetes or a cardiovascular disease, conversing about diet becomes a priority to ensure the comprehension of a systemic imbalance that could occur and so, contribute to the advancement of the systemic disease.

Best regards,

Sylvie Proulx