An ideal periodontal department is synonym of an established and easy-to-follow protocol.

The agreement of the treatment plan: 

  • Taking the necessary time for the explanations during the periodontal examination
  • An allocated period of 1,5 hour is essential.

Taking charge of the patient:

  • Call your patients after their treatment.

The work tools:

  • Are efficient: well sharpened scalers at each appointment
  • Non worn ultrasonic tips: 1 mm of worn down tip reduces its efficiency by 25%.

The team, the center of your success:

  • To have a good team synergy
  • Unanimous philosophy 
  • To use the same protocol, the same language

The work schedule:

  • It must be respected by all staff and patients. 
  • It explains the team philosophy.  

An ideal periodontal department:

  • Organization
  • Simplicity
  • Teaching
  • Healthy team
  • Efficient tools

Best regards,

Sylvie Proulx, Paroconseil