Here’s a short extract of my chronicle on stress in workplace:

In the work field, for the last decades, we find a great change its management, its content and its conditions of employment, which explain an exponential increase in stress in our society.

According to some studies, the proportion of workers which have reported the requirement to work faster has increased from 55% to 68% from 1977 to 1997. And those whom mentioned that they never could finish their work has increased from 40% to 60% (Bond et autre 1998). Moreover, women are more impacted than men by these changes.

Having chronic stress leads to diagnosis such as coronary disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorder, infection, anxiety, cancer, heart attack and infarction. There is also a direct impact to the brain, harming dendritic receptors and emitters to transmit necessary information. Once the hippocampus is affected, our ability to learn and memorize are affected.

Other emotional and physical dysfunctions may put the immune system in acute crisis.

Many solutions are possible to reduce daily stress. 

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