The objective being the elaboration of treatment plans, here are a few reasons that demonstrate the importance of having a coordinator in your dental clinic.

The coordinator:

  • Is an essential resource.
  • Uplifts the dental clinic. 
  • Has a well developed sense in human relationships.

Her role:

  • She ensures good support and follow-up of operations.
  • She is the key individual to answer everyone’s questions. 
  • She oversees the personnel.
  • She supervises each department.
  • She ensures the planification and organisation of the daily meetings.
  • She prepares the agenda.
  • She understands each dental department.
  • She is as skilled in verbal communication than in writing.
  • She excels in stress management.

A coordinator in your office: a major asset and a key member within your company!

Best regards!

Sylvie Proulx, Paroconseil